Champagne Marquis de Sade Brut

The Cuvée Brut Divin Marquis de Sade is refined and balanced. From a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot noir, it is both delicate and powerful and develop brioche and fruity aromas. This makes this Champagne a harmonious wine of pleasure, ideal for parties that start slowly and where you never know when they will finish.


The cuvée Brut Divin is blend of 50% Pinot Noir - 50% Chardonnay


The grapes come from the best Champagne area:
- Vindey near Sézanne, where the vineyards have the best reputation since the romans time (from latin: Vinum Dei, God's Wine).
- Montgueux, chalk soil, the best for Chardonnay.
- Fravaux, stony hill, continental weather, the best for Pinot Noir.

Wine tasting

- Color : Light gold colour, a few clear yellow straw, a fine green reflect show the strong Chardonnay presence. The bubbles are fine and staying, this means a strong fermentation in a cool temperature.
- Nose : sharp and strong, giving fruity and brioche smell. In mouth, liveliness and freshness a lot. A beautiful balance, finesse and elegance, strenght and vinosity.
- Taste : A good lenght for this splendid wine that will be able to age harmoniously.

55,00 €

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