Candle Marquis de Sade

"All her caresses becoming more burning, we soon lit the fire of the passions in the torch of the philosophy".
L'histoire de juliette – 1801 – D.A.F. de Sade (1740-1814).

The Candle Marquis de Sade is inspired by the inkwell of the Marquis. It is a mixture of refinement and pleasure.

Its first fruity notes are as one caress which leaves place with the temptation and opens you towards an incandescent appetite.

As the candle burns and crackles, an impertinent perfume, of wood and leather, comes to murmur you some words loose.

For the perfume our nose was inspired of letters of the Marquis de Sade in which he evokes scents which bewitched the evenings organized in Lacoste: leather flower, black musk and wooden bark.

The fragrance spreads and submerges you in a sweet, warm and powerful atmosphere. The passion eventually is right.

Head notes : black tea in the bergamot orange

Middle Notes : labdanum, beautiful of night, wood of rosewood.

Bottom notes : leather flower, patchouli, bark of wood, black musk.

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