Terms and Conditions of Use of the remote sales


The fact for an Internet user to confirm its order on the website www.maisondesade.com (by clicking the button " to confirm my order ") is worth full and whole acceptance of the present general conditions of sale in their entirety.

The present contract will be governed by the French law.


The information expressed by the buyer, during the taking of order engages this one: in case of error in the description of the address and phone number of the addressee, the salesman would not know how to be considered responsible for the impossibility in which he could be to deliver the product.

The orders are definitive only when they were confirmed by the payment of the price by the buyer.

All our offers get while stocks last.

The offers of Maison de Sade address only the particular clientele and on any account the professional retailers. Maison de Sade reserves the right to refuse the profit of its offers to every customer turning out professional retailer.


Maison de Sade makes a commitment to operate everything to deliver products ordered for the fastest deadlines.

The average deadlines vary according to the country of destination chosen by the customer.

The delivery is made for the deadline planned by the direct delivery of the product for the announced addressee, is in case of absence, by notice of provision.

The possible delays, except case of absolute necessity, can give the right to refund at the request of the customer. The war, the riot, the fire, the strikes, the accidents and the impossibility to be furnished are considered as case of absolute necessity unloading the salesman of its obligation to deliver

Always verify your parcel on arrival. You have a deadline of 48 hours to make possible reserves with the carrier in case of missing or with the degradation.


In application of the Code of the consumption, the buyer has a deadline of 7 days as from his delivery to make return of the product and of 7 days as from his order for exchange or refund, without penalty, with the exception of the expenses of return.


  • The price is expressed in Euro, amounts expressed in the other currencies are mentioned only in purely indicative title.
  • The price indicated on product sheets does not include the transport.
  • The price indicated in the confirmation of order by Maison de Sade is the definitive price, expressed inclusive of all taxes and including the VAT in 19,6 % for France. This price includes the price of products, the costs of handling, packaging and preservation of products, and transport.

The indicated prices get inclusive of all taxes (price including tax, errors excepted typographic) Metropolitan France ( inclusive Corsica) (VAT in 19,6 %) except transport.


The payment of products can be made by check or by bank card. An invoice will be established by Maison de Sade and sent to the customer in its billing address if he wishes it.

Products remain the property of Maison de Sade until the complete payment of invoices.


The card "Maison de Sade VIP" gives access to its carrier to all the Services Maison de Sade VIP.

The card "Maison de Sade VIP" is on no account a payment card and implies no commitment on behalf of its carrier. Its use is governed by the following conditions:

  • The card "Maison de Sade VIP" is free, strictly personal and is delivered to all the customers of Maison de Sade having ordered for more than 1000 euro.
  • The card "Maison de Sade VIP" is valid to have made at least an order in the last 12 months.

Maison of Sade reserves the right to modify or to suspend at any time, temporarily or definitively, the Maison de Sade VIP services. In case of a definitive stop, no holder of the card "Maison de Sade VIP" can exercise however appeal that it is against Maison de Sade.

The Maison de Sade VIP services are proposed within the limits of the available quantities and without commitment.


The complaints or the contestings will always be received with attentive benevolence, the good faith being always presumed at the one who makes the effort to expose his situations.

In case of dispute, the customer will address by priority the company to obtain an amicable solution.


Minors: by virtue of the prescription n°59-107 of January 7th, 1959 and of the law n°74-631 of July 5th, 1974, the sale of alcohol to minors under age 16 is forbidden. Every person ordering some wine to Maison de Sade thus makes a commitment be over 16 years in the date of the order.

Alcohol abuse: the alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Know thus how to consume it and appreciate it in moderation.

Computing and liberties: towards the law 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access and rectification of the particulars concerning you. To exercise it you have directly access to your on-line personal account. You can also address Maison de Sade - 17, rue des Petites Ecuries 75010 PARIS.

The information which concern you is intended for Maison de Sade.

Abuse Of Alcohol Is Dangerous For Your Health. Consume With Care.